Our team

A team at the service of a profile

Because trust warrants truth, WMA does not want their customers to believe their portfolio would be systematically managed in a “Custom” way. At WMA, we know that an investment strategy is more effective than a "à la Carte" or “dedicated” strategy, which often is not manageable in an efficient way. Today, wealth management requires many competencies. WMA’s management team are specialists in teamwork. Every manager has many years of experience. Each individual customer strategy profile receives the constant attention of all. Whatever investment objective is chosen, the ultimate goal remains the absolute return performance with risk exposure under control.

Listen and Interact

Our customers’ requirements are the prerequisites to the definition of the investment profile. Together, we define your objectives by taking into account your legal and tax constraints, your tolerance to the risk, your reference currency, your time horizon, your expectations and frequency of income. Our investment team and our advisers are permanently at your side to adapt the initially selected profile according to the evolution of your state of affairs. The relation that WMA wishes to establish with its customers rests implicitly on open dialogue and a permanent information flow.