Custodian Banks

WMA’s principal business is to manage its customers’ directly opened portfolios with top banks. Consequently, the customer benefits from the best of WMA’s skill while taking advantage of the safe environment of the most prestigious Swiss banks. WMA believes good portfolio management starts with controlled costs. WMA customers benefit from conditions negotiated through our close relationship with our banking partners. Subsequently, WMA collaborates with only a select number of banks. Upon request, we will supply our list of correspondents. In exceptional cases, WMA will organize a relationship with local or foreign banks.

Opening of an account

WMA, in compliance with the bank’s rules and regulations, is authorized to directly open the account for and with its customers on the basis of the customers’ full and complete documentation.


Your assets are deposited in an account directly opened in your name with the custody bank. The limited power of attorney granted to WMA allows us to exclusively manage your portfolio. WMA is in no way authorized to withdraw cash or securities on the managed accounts, with the exception of its expenses and management fees. The customer maintains his own relationship with the custodian bank. The only binding statements are those of the bank custodian.

Holders of an account with Swiss banks are rigorously protected by the banking secrecy.