Assets Management & Performances

  Advisory Income Prudent Balanced Growth
Investment vehicles:
0 à 100% 100% 65% 45% 5%
Investment vehicles:
0 à 100%   35% 55% 95%

The "Advisory" profile is designated for Clients wishing to intervene in the management of their assets.
The "Income" profile is constituted exclusively of "Conservative Investments".
The composition of the following profiles: "Prudent", "Balance" and "Growth", is presented as a general guideline. The above percentages are based on a favorable economic environment. If the global economy was to deteriorate, the composition of each profile could be modified to provide additional protection. Thus, if needed, the manager may convert all the profiles in to "Conservative Investment Vehicles"


The distribution within the profiles can vary in the limits specified below:

Advisory 100% in accordance with the Client
Income 100% in Conservative investment vehicles
Prudent From 0 to 35% maximum Dynamic investment vehicles
Balanced From 0 to 55% maximum Dynamic investment vehicles
Growth From 0 to 95% maximum Dynamic investment vehicles

Financial vehicles that can enter into the composition of the Conservative or Dynamics Investment Vehicles

Conservative * :
Sovereign debt (Treasury Bills)
Bonds, Bond Funds
Monetary Fund
Short term deposits
Precious metal

Dynamic ** :

Equities and Equity Funds
ETFs or Index Funds
Commodity funds or ETFs
Intraday indexes trading
Computerized indexes trading
Forex trading
Hedge Funds


* Non exhaustive list
** Certain Dynamic structured products may be looking for a performance through long and/or short instruments.